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Sootie and Sammy

Sootie and Sammy are two loving, beautiful cats looking for their forever home, through no fault of their own. Sammy is a 3 year old handsome male cat. He is the cat that is more black than white, with a white-tipped tail. Sootie is a beautiful female cat that is more white than black. She is 6 years old.

Sootie and Sammy are affectionate and will both sit on your knee. Both cats like sleeping with you. Sootie and Sammy enjoy playing with each other and are friendly with the family dog. They understand basic sign language and will come running if you rattle their biscuits. Sootie and Sammy are just adorable and will make loving companions.

Sootie and Sammy are bonded and so must be homed together. They can be shy initially with people they do not know, so would prefer a quieter home. Sootie and Sammy can live with children aged 8 years and over and a cat-friendly dog.

Sootie and Sammy have both been neutered and they are up to date with their worming and flea treatments.

A home is needed in a quiet, safe residential area away from busy roads as Sammy and Sootie enjoy going outside to sit in the garden. We will not be accepting applications from those living in flats. Sootie and Sammy are currently living in Carluke, South Lanarkshire. A vets reference will be sought upon application. If you think you can give these adorable, friendly cats a forever home, please apply below.

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