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Floki is an adorable 7-month-old male cat looking for his new home as he has not been accepted by the other cats in the household.

Floki loves to play and likes a lot of toys. He likes things that dangle and string toys will make him jump high in the air. Floki loves catnip mice, feather toys, ping pong balls and will chase anything sometimes even the ball if the football is on.

Floki has an enormous amount of energy and must be played with a lot. He likes to bathe in the sunshine. He’s a very intelligent little puss and learns fast. Floki is friendly and loves a fuss. He will run up and down all over you. Floki will sit in your lap if he’s feeling a bit chilly. Now he is getting a bit more vocal he has a sweet miaow and makes chirping noises and he loves to purr. Floki is a very special puss and will make a good companion.

Floki would love to give you all his undivided attention so he must be the only cat in the house. He cannot be homed with a dog. Floki should be fine kittens with well-behaved children of 8 years plus.

Floki has been neutered, is up to date with his vaccinations and has been microchipped. Floki’s worming and flea treatment is up to date as well.

Floki needs an indoor loving home with direct safe access to the outsides eventually to come and go, as he pleases when he is old enough. A cat flap would be ideal, but not essential. You should be able to demonstrate (via your vets records) a track record of neutering and annually vaccinating your previous cat(s).

If you think you can offer Floki a loving, forever home please apply.

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