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Lost & Found

Some helpful tips if your cat is missing or if you have found a cat.

Missing cats

Things to do if you have lost your cat: 

Re-trace your steps - check cupboards, wardrobes, gardens, sheds, garages, attics and spare rooms. Search the whole house from top to bottom, as cats have been known to hide inside sofas and in places you can’t imagine they would actually fit!

Put your cats belongings near the door - whether it's your cats favourite food, litter tray, bed, blanket, or even a little of the contents of your hoover bag. 

Call when its quieter - your cat may be scared and may be more likely to come out at dusk or dawn as these tend to be the quieter times of the day. After calling a bit, have a good listen, just in case it is meowing somewhere and cannot get out. Keep doing this from time to time.

Check everywhere - check behind bins, in bushes, anywhere you can think of. Bring a torch to search dark places like under decking. Record a noise familiar to the cat and play back when searching or take some of your cat’s favourite food or treats to entice it. Ask neighbours to check their sheds or garages.

Spread the word - contact the groups listed below, your local cat rescue or vets practice. They can help share posts about your missing cat to a wider audience or help you get a trap to catch it. A list of cat rescues, by area, can be seen in the help section of our website; They may also have a list of found cats which you can check.

Make a poster - your poster should include at least 1 good picture of your cat, the area they went missing from together with your postcode, date the cat went missing, brief description, whether the cat is microchipped and best contact details. Put the poster in popular places local to you, like bus stops, supermarkets or local shops.You can also flyer it round the houses near you. 

Mark as lost - if your cat is microchipped, let the organisation their microchip is registered with (Anibase, Pet Log or Avid) know that they are missing. They may be able to help you advertise your cat. Ensure your cats microchip details are up to date.

We hope you are reunited with your cat soon.

Found cats

If you have found a cat, please contact us as well as the groups in the Places to contact section. We will post it on our Facebook page. We have fosterer's based in Lanark, Blackwood and Bonnybridge, so if you need to borrow a trap for a stray/found cat or indeed it's a friendly cat and you wish to borrow a micro chip scanner. If we cannot find the cats owner and you wish to keep the cat, we may be able to help with neutering. If we are not local to you, please contact your local cat rescue or local vets practice as they can possibly help with scanning the cat for a microchip or they may have a trap. A list of cat rescues is available, by area, in the Help section here.

Places to contact

It is a good idea to contact the groups below with a picture of the cat you have lost/found. As well as checking their missing/found cats section regularly.

CAT Lanark & Central 

Facebook: Cat Action Trust Lanark & Central


Or submit a form

Missing/Found cats in Scotland

Facebook: Missing Cats in Scotland


Tel: 07456586853

Opening times: Mon - Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat: 10am-6pm,  Sun: 10am-3pm

Cat Concern



Tel: 07938909215. 

Cats Protection (Lanarkshire) lost and found cats



There are many other Cats Protection branches in Scotland which may be closer to you. 

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